DIY Glutathione Lotion

23 May 2018 Advice

Glutathione lotion would cost you a couple hundred dollars, or maybe even more, if you buy from a compounding pharmacy. Invest an hour of your time to save all that money. You won’t regret it.

Glutathione Lotion Ingredients

  • Glutathione powder is available at a significant discount through my dispensary.
  • Procure a non-toxic lotion that you like in a 4 oz bottle with a pump top. I use Borage oil lotion, only because I love it, but you can use any kind.

Glutathione Lotion Instructions

  • Clean your countertop very well with soap and water and then with alcohol.
  • Pour the entire contents of Designs for Health glutathione powder on the countertop.
  • Open the lotion and pour out on the counter close to the glutathione.
  • Using a metal spatula mix a little of the powder and work it in to a little bit of the lotion until dissolved.
  • Keep adding a little of each.
  • Make sure you mix and fold and using the spatula work out all of the glutathione lumps until smooth.

Instead of using a funnel, the best way to get the lotion back into the bottle is to lay out a sheet of waxed paper. Put the lotion in the middle, then roll it up into a tube, making a funnel shape from the paper. Slip the small end into the bottle. then crimp the waxed paper from the other end, slowly squeezing the lotion into the tube.

How Much Glutathione Lotion To Use

  • One actuation of the lotion pump is equal to approximately 500mg of glutathione.
  • Apply one squirt on your skin twice a day!
  • NOTE: rotate the sites of application. Glutathione can stimulate the immune system to start making WBCs at the site, so too much stimulation in one area may cause bone pain from over stimulation.