Who makes up the majority of your practice?

  • WOMEN, in their mid-life, who are struggling to maintain stamina, and are often, fatigued, achy, and have developed advanced aging, brain fog, digestive issues, and weight gain
  • CHILDREN on the Autism spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD, or other behavioral disorders that conventional treatment has failed to provide satisfactory results, and whose parents are searching for a better alternative to drug therapy
  • MEN who struggle with libido, hypertension, digestive issues, cognitive problems
  • ANYONE struggling with bloating, gas, fatigue, skin, hair issues that have failed to achieve results they are looking for with conventional medicine

Why do you see kids in your practice?

Children are our heart, soul, and hope for the future. If I can help to restore healthy functioning in a child, not only does the child have a bright future, the whole family structure is restored and the enormous stress burden of raising a special needs child is lifted. In essence, not only do I impact that child’s life, I am impacting the entire family.

Can you treat/cure my disease (any diagnosis)?

No. I do not treat or cure anything. I simply review the symptoms and possible triggers that are contributing factors, and provide nourishment needed to restore optimal functioning. Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing creation. I will help you identify the root cause of whatever is ailing you.

How much does a consult cost?

There are several ways that we can work together:

Face to Face (in-office Houston, TX, or remotely online)

You will see the most improvement if you commit to working with me for at least 4 months. During that time, we will have 3-4 face-to-face visits.

Case Review

However, there are times where someone has been to many doctors and other alternative medicine doctors that want me to review their entire case to get my perspective. I can do that too!

START HERE: with a Free 15-Minute Consult

We can discuss which plan works best for you! We will talk about costs, testing, my approach, and what I need from you! This is a no-risk offer. Request yours today! I promise. You won’t regret it.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance isn’t designed to cover a functional medicine approach. Functional medicine takes a lot of time and insurance only wants a practitioner to spend 7-10 minutes with an individual. You may be able to use your FSA account, if your employer offers this.

Do you accept HSA or FSA payments?

Yes, you can use these cards in my clinic to pay for your consults, labs, supplements, and medical devices that I may recommend.

How does a remote consult work?

Once we decide to work together you will be invited to join my practice portal. It is HIPPA compliant, and everything we need is right in the portal, including – scheduling, email, document sharing, and video conferencing. Once the consult is scheduled, you will see a camera icon in the bookings tab. Simply click on the camera to join me in the online meeting.

What labs will you be looking at in my consults?

These are the labs that I like to start with. If you have had these labs done recently, you will be asked to upload them into your client portal, so that I can review them during our first appointment. If you don’t have recent labs, that’s not a problem. I can help you get the labs we will need after our first session.

NOTE: If you cannot get these drawn by your Doctor, I am able to help you obtain these tests.


ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: thyroid panel including TSH, T3, T4, fT3, fT4, rT3, anti-TPO, anti-TGN

NUTRIENT LEVELS: Serum B12, MMA (Methylmalonic Acid), Ferritin & Vitamin D


BLOOD LABS: CMP, ESR, CBC w/diff + platelets

OPTIONAL FUNCTIONAL TESTS (if you already have them): OAT, Nutreval, Mycotoxin, GI MAP, Diurnal Cortisol, etc.

How do I get my previous labs and medical records to you?

Labs can be uploaded in the patient portal directly into the document section. Additionally, your lab results will be uploaded into your document section as soon as we receive them from the lab company. You will receive an automated email letting you know. Your medical records can be scanned and uploaded or you can simply inquire about my fax # and have your MD fax them directly to me.

I don’t have a printer. How can I make this work?

My intake forms are digital and completed online. No need to print and manually fill them out and rescan to upload. If you have labs that you want to share with me, then you can simply take photos of them with your phone and upload the .jpg into the document section of your patient profile. Please make sure the lighting is good and the print is legible.

If I can’t tolerate supplements how can you help me?

I run into this problem quite often with my patients. Usually, there is an underlying block in one of the biochemical pathways or a dysregulated immune system. I will run the tests that I need to figure out where the problem lies, then systematically correct the problem working upwards from the root of the problem, until the pathways are restored and functioning normally. Then the problem typically is resolved.

Can I buy supplements from you?

Yes. I offer professional grade supplements that can be purchased from my professional dispensary and shipped directly to you. You can even use your FSA spending account towards the purchase. You may be eligible for a great discount when buying through me.

Do you work with medical providers?

I work side by side with your various healthcare providers. I want you to continue to have a team of practitioners, as I do not serve as a primary care provider. I am a root cause specialist, and I have a very specific scope of practice.

Do you interpret 23andMe or other genetic reports?

23andMe is only about 40% accurate. They include many non-sense genetic variances and many that haven’t been proven with any evidence to cause a problem. We all have these “mistakes” and “variances” in our genetic code, but just blindly “interpreting” them doesn’t work.

I use MaxGen Labs in conjunction to lab work to determine genetic influences and tendencies in my clients. Nutrigenomics is a large and expanding field, and MaxGen uses only validated and accurate genetic reporting. Adding in the genetic variances and influences can help the guess work out of targeted nutrient therapy. It can help provide a blueprint and describe more accurately and help to pinpoint a problem area in your biological make-up as expressed in labwork. Please contact me for specifics on ordering a MaxGen genetic test kit.


Why wait another day?

Now is the best time to take this important step. Put your health first. You have been serving everyone else all of your life. Now, it is your turn.

I invite you to make a free no-risk 15 minute appointment, today.

You’ll be glad you did.

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You are probably brimming with questions that haven’t been answered for a long time by your current practitioners. I get it. And, perhaps you want to connect before buying a consultation package? That makes sense. Let’s start with a FREE 15 minute phone consult.